What is the EDZ?

The EDZ platform was created and developed by AYA Instruments Inc., based in Pittsburgh, PA along with input from teachers and professionals throughout the electrical industry. We have created a community that reaches more than 10,000 people. Students, teachers, parents and industry professionals have all contributed to the EDZ network. The platform made its debut back in 2015 at Fort Cherry School District in West Pennsylvania. AYA Instruments installed a power station and a solar station, both which were utilized to teach students about solar energy and energy consumption. Our feedback was so positive that we decided to extend our resources to educators and anyone else who is interested in learning more about sustainability and the ways that we can help our earth. The EDZ program educates others about conventional and alternative energy with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy. These trending topics play a very important role in both climate change and global warming. Our mission is to create a global educational community that will continuously teach individuals about the importance of energy, how we harness it, and how we can use it to make our earth a more sustainable place.