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The Energy Discovery Zone (EDZ)

The EDZ is a learning platform designed to provide resources to the educational community about sustainability, while providing an opportunity for educators and students to connect with each other around the country and prepare students for opportunities in clean energy

EV Training Program

Energy Discovery Zone (EDZ) is excited to introduce an Electric Vehicle (EV) training component to complement its existing programs, focusing on clean and renewable energy and sustainable transportation. The EDZ EV training program prepares students for the growing EV industry through a wide range of topics, hands-on training, and real-world experience. The four-week courses, offered in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, accommodate small class sizes to provide personalized attention. EDZ is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future through education and equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools for renewable energy and sustainable transportation. Contact EDZ to learn more about their EV training program and get involved.

Solar Training Program

Our Solar STEM program prepares students to develop and apply their critical thinking skills to real-world challenges that include using alternative energy sources to help ensure a better future. These problem-solving exercises educate students about Global Citizenship, Energy Production & Storage, and Solar Power. Students can use the Solar Power Station as an outdoor classroom to learn about  the technical aspects of solar power, as well as share data with students at schools worldwide, and much more. Their interactive learning experiences can prepare them to fill some of the 100,000-plus new U.S. jobs related to the production and storage of solar energy that the Solar Energy Industry Association estimates will be created by 2030. 

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Rebekah Taylor graduated from Parkway West Career & Tech Center’s (CTC’s) Electrical Systems Technology Program in 2020. Rebekah’s training, enabled by the support of AYA Instruments, has helped her establish a career installing solar panels for Trinity Solar, the country’s largest privately held solar panel installation company.

As a student, Rebekah was active in many CTC extracurricular activities. Since launching her career, she often returns as a guest speaker in Electrical Systems Technology classes and represents Trinity Solar at CTC’s annual Career Day.   


Business as Usual Exploring the AYA Instruments/Maxwell Electric Vehicles Partnership

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining traction not just as passenger vehicles, but are becoming a cost-effective way to deliver goods and packages. We will look at how Pittsburgh-based AYA Instruments is working with Los Angeles-based Maxwell Vehicles to convert gas and diesel vans to all-electric using new or refurbished EV drivetrain components. Eitan Anouchi, President  […]


AYA Instruments installed a solar power station and weather station in the Discovery Zone to help educate Fort Cherry students about solar energy and energy consumption. The Discovery Zone is used by students in grades K-12 of all content areas for several projects and activities, as well as staff and community members of the Fort […]

Supercharge Your Future

This past February 15, the White House announced its goal of creating a convenient, reliable, and Made-in-America electric vehicle (EV) charging network so that the Great American Road Trip can be electrified. This initiative will help to confront the climate crisis by building a national network of 500,000 EV charging stations along America’s highways and […]